Employment Opportunities

1. V.P. of Land, S. Delaware Basin---Oversee, coordinate and serve as in-house link between field landmen and mid to upper level management. Be increasingly aware and knowledgeable of industry activities, changes in trends in both mid-stream and up-stream technologies, ensuring that the executive staff is briefed on and made aware of corporate impacts from the information gathered.

Candidate must work well in a team-based environment, able to grow professional networks, and identify synergies between company and his/her network of relationships. Good promoter/self-starter is a must. Develop project ideas and new areas of interest. Will meet weekly with Head of Land Management Team to address and develop solutions for: customer feedback, regional opportunities, sector trends, and marketing strategies. This is an opportunity for the right candidate to grow professionally and advance rapidly.

Educational/Experiential Requirements—Ideal candidate will possess 10 years or more in business development, experience in A&D with mineral fee interests, ORRI, working interests, royalty and NPRIs. RPL-CPL and PLM preferred, but not mandatory.

Salary—Compensation package based on education and experience.

2.V.P. Land Resources Management, Private Sector—Primary focus on growing and managing a team of self-starters to promote and grow Ozark Royalty’s Mineral Management services for the private sector. Interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate successfully with individuals and corporate representatives is paramount. This key executive will identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member of his team and drive them to achieve the impossible.

The right candidate will also serve as a back stop to even the most trivial questions or comments received from our HNWI AND UHNWI mineral management clients. The right candidate will handle the most important aspect of company growth—delighted, and well-informed customers. This candidate with have read PBOGJ, FT and the Economist before his clients or team is up, as well as the

 “The Art of the Mineral Audit,” a position paper all applicants are asked to submit on his/her techniques for deciphering Royalty Account Statements from various operators, errors in payment to the client be reviewing the lease, and the means necessary to instruct those with less experience in the audit process, than the candidate has. The “position paper” submitted will form part of the backbone of corporate tenants going forward. There are no “right or wrong answers.”

Lastly, will prepare or direct to a trustworthy associate to prepare, backgound and content for each month’s webinar and work with the production team to create those webinars.

3.Experienced Mineral Buyer:  Are looking to work for a minerals company that will bring out the best competitor you ever thought you could be? We are looking for a very few, highly talented, proven cold call experience to close ratio. Leads that are not generated from direct inquiry, are higraded, first by one criteria and then another, until for example we have 4 areas with 11 AOIs in each. You should know how best to find those names, call them and buy them, if you are the best.

As you are the best at what you do, you will be paid not for losses but for wins olny! IF you are tired of field work, but do not fit in wth the “in house” culture, then we want to hear from you. You get a piece of every deal we sell, or an ownership interest in the recurring asset by and through the ORRI. Interested. Bring your own leads, develop them with our assistance, or utilize leads from our various in-house AOIs or that of our Partner.

​We look for forward to welcoming you to our team