Mineral Management

TProcess Overview...

Consultations are free and our fee structure is based around our success for you. We profit only if our clients profit. Aligning our interests develops a sense of immediate trust and comfortability.  We invite you to consider the following case:

Between 2017 and 2018, an overhaul of contract structure, headingnegotiations, and encouraging our client to entertain a radical new approach on how it viewed its land resources led to remarkable changes. After client buyin to a more modern value proposition and a shift in thinking from  its ranch as a cattle company to a midstream and upstream hub of activity, Ozark grew net revenue by 4X in one year.

Whether all or a part of your assets are producing revenues, we begin by auditing any royalty account statements.

The mineral audit is not a difficult or time-consuming process for the customer. Before we are finished, you will understand each deduction noted by the operator against your royalty or share of production. Like any sized organization, exploration and production companies can make mistakes. If there are deficiencies in your royalty payments, rest assured, we will find them.

By familiarizing ourselves with your unleased acreage, Ozark’s team can customize a strategy that will place your open leasehold in front of the right audience. Right does not always equate to highest bonus payment, and an eye towards higher, sustainable returns is most often far preferable.

As part of your initial client-interview, where we learn about you, your goals, and expectations of our company, you will learn that Ozark is different from advisors you may have worked with in the past—you only pay us when we make money for you. There are no fees, dues, memberships, or retainers at Ozark Mineral Management. That means your interests and our interests are totally aligned. Time has demonstrated that the trust this kind of partnership engenders from day one repays all many times over, by building long-term, profitable relationships.

No matter the size of your mineral portfolio, having professional oversight and assistance in managing those assets is crucial. Our experience as a long-term mineral and working interest owner provides our clients with the kind of industry insight that allows them to increase growth, understand operator costs, obtain the highest lease bonuses, and receive the most favorable and current lease terms that the market will allow. 

We believe that our active participation in upstream activities is a benefit to our management clients and never a conflict of interest. 

We work with trust and estate attorneys, agents, and financial planners to provide a comprehensive strategy for achieving client goals. Our team will clarify the opaque account statements operators rely upon, actively auditing and comparing them to the underlying leases. This level of scrutiny equates to our customers being fairly paid, ensuring that operators are aware of inconsistencies in a timely manner. 

Land Resource Consulting and Management at Ozark began as a client request, and continues to grow organically, from one satisfied customer to the next. Consider that oil, gas and mineral companies employee experts to buy and lease sub-surface rights at tremendous expense, should any owner risk leaving money on the table by not having a team of experts guiding him?