We Can Help

As social programs continue to be cut from state and federal budgets, it is difficult and occasionally impossible for many Americans receiving public assistance to remain healthy or even access costly, life-saving medical procedures. For Medicaid recipients and early beneficiaries of Medicare or Social Security assistance, mineral royalty income can be a liability that requires a choice between healthcare and mineral ownership.

If you or someone you know is being forced to choose mineral rights or good health, we can help. Our team treats each of our clients with respect and confidentiality. Being sensitive to those in need is a responsibility we all share. At Ozark, we are ready to do our part, by offering easy to understand purchase offers and quick closings.

Did You Know?

Mineral taxation varies county by county and state by state. Term Assignments are an innovative solution for individuals that need short term liquidity but feel an obligation to leave a mineral legacy to the next generation. Contact Ozark, and let us a design a mineral strategy customized for you and generations to come.​